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The kickstarter page for this new and exciting 3 part series by Nick Dunn, Creatures of Habit is live!

Go and check it out and donate to help get this fantastic series made.

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What is ‘Creatures of Habbit’?

Creatures of Habbit is a three part series that follows Rachel Rees, a tired and overworked Police Detective. She feels undervalued at work and under-appreciated at home. 

When a German man, Randolph Schwartz, hands himself over to the police for a brutal and seemingly unprovoked murder, Detective Rees is tasked with putting together this strange puzzle.

Is Detective Rees there to complete the jigsaw, or is she in fact, the final and most critical piece?

What do we need your help for and where will it be used?

Making movies is a very expensive process and we want to give you all the very highest quality in return for your support. The below chart shows exactly where every penny will be spent.

Who’s who?

It takes a lot to make a great project, including a great cast and crew, and we have THE BEST!

Take a look below at who will be helping make this project a success!

NICK DUNN – Writer / Director / Producer

Nick Dunn is a writer, director and producer. He has been writing since 2015 and has also made his directorial debut with his short film, ‘Chimera’, in 2017.


James Melrose is an award winning Director of Photography based in London & Manchester. He has 10 years of experience and has worked on a wide range of productions from commercials, feature films, promos and television drama’s. His passion is shooting drama and has shot a string of successful shorts including Heaven’s Rage, Edit and Chimera.


John is a freelance sound engineer, recorder, mixer, sound designer and musician with over 25 years’ experience in the recording industry. John has composed music played on TV and in Film, has recorded albums released worldwide and available on iTunes. John holds a First Class Honours Degree in Sound Engineering and Sound Design and is the owner of Casa Rock Studios in Bolton, a post-production studio catering for all types of audio for today’s media. With years of extensive experience in TV, film and music, John continues to work for a variety of companies and organisations including teaching audio at The UTC Media City. Credits include IMDB and Sound Supervisor for The Big Slice Music Show.


Stephanie berntsen is a theatrical special effects media makeup artist. She has done the makeup and special effects for a number of short films including, “Greener Pastures” and “Last day of summer”. Stephanie has also done the special effects for the 2016 Chambers of horrors events in St George’s Hall as well as the makeup for a dance production in Her majesty’s royal theatre in London’s West end.

TATANNIA RENNER – ‘Detective Rachel Rees’

Tatannia Renner started off her acting career by being cast in a leading role in a hybrid, American/Bollywood feature. She has also been heavily involved in a number of smaller, independent projects. Tatannia is also a member at the Manchester School of Acting.

WILLIAM LESTER – ‘Randolph Schwartz’

Will Lester had his first screen appearance as a comedy tourist from Wisconsin in the opening short for the 1997 Miami Film Festival. He also appeared in US regional and national commercials for mobile phones, theme parks, baby products and beer. He moved to Europe to tour as Frank N Furter in the “Rocky Horror Show”. In the UK, he was murdered in a pub in Tom Shirm’s short “Punch: the musical” and he most recently played the male lead ’Tim’ in a new comedy short “Uncle Marty” showing at festivals in 2018. Additionally and weirdly…he has appeared on UK television for 3 years running as a comedy carol singer. Will is very excited to be working with Casual Gangster Productions playing ‘Randolph’ in “Creatures of Habbit”.

ADAM CRYNE – Detective Danny Lawrence 

An actor born in Manchester. Adam Cryne has appeared on stage, screen, immersive and interactive theatre. Currently playing Billy Brooklyn at the crystal maze Manchester. Lead in the recently released feature film ‘recovery’ he earned a nomination for best actor at the monkey bread tree film festival. The film also enjoyed selections and nominations in a number of UK and US film festivals. Screen acting is where he knows his future lies, he has relished roles in a number of short and feature films throughout 2017.  

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