Full Portfolio (A-Z)

This is my full portfolio of work that I have been able to collate together from over the years.

I hope you enjoy looking through this vast selection of projects from my carear working as a Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman and Camera Operator.

It is everthing that I have been able to get a copy of or find online, however this does’nt mean it is entirely everything I have worked on as Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman, DOP or Camera Operator.

Some projects that are in post production or have yet to be released will not feature here currently until they become ready available online.

This porfolio of work features a wide range of projects from promo to shorts and documentaries. Music videos, doco-drama’s, observational documentaries, commercials, social media videos and much more.

This porfolio stretches back to approximently the year 2015 to the present day and is constantly being updated a with new and recent projects I have worked on.

Each project will have some information captioned beneath it explainig who the production company was, who the client was, who the director was (or DOP if I was Camera Operator), the format the project was shot in; for example 4K 16:9 and what camera was used; i.e Arri Alexa.

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